ARNAUD DIEMER – Founder & Marketing Strategist

When Arnaud is not busy basking in war zones or singing death metal on Chinese TV, he handles the marketing side of BOS-Agency.

Educated in the ISEG Strasbourg and Pragues School of Economics, Arnaud then sharpened his teeth in Chemical and Agronomical Corporations such as BASF and Syngenta.

Hungry for more excitement, he then joined the start up world through projects in Watchmaking development and Sport technology.

Those experiences helped him gain a knowledge of niche markets as well as a grasp at the corporate needs.

He’s the one that will make sure your campaign will hit the right target, with the right message and the optimal effort and platforms.

Click HERE to see his photographic work. 

PIERRE FI – Co Founder & Art Director

Pierre is the creative tempest that pushes our agency toward esthetic excellency.

From scriptwriting to Film making, his unique view is the key that will give a powerful aura to your project.

His work includes successful Comics, designs for Goro Miyazaki and the creation of a renowned think tank.

Countless videos and captations sharpened his now unique style.





Fuelled by coffee and David Lynch movies, Laurent’s mind makes wonders when it comes to achieving the impossible. Talented and polyvalent, his eye and ears are your best ally to create a strong immersive experience for your customers.